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An Advance Authorisation (AA) is issued to allow duty free import of inputs, which are physically incorporated in the export product (making normal allowance for wastage). In addition, fuel, oil, energy, catalysts etc. which are consumed/utilised in the course of manufacture of the export product is also allowed to be imported duty free.. Duty free import of mandatory spares upto 10% of the CIF value of the (AA) which are required to be exported/ supplied with the resultant product may also be allowed under Advance Authorisation. Advance Authorisations are issued on the basis of the ratio of the inputs and export items given under the stipulated Standard Input Output Norms.However, they can also be issued on the basis of Adhoc norms or self declared norms.Such norms will be ratified by the Norms Committee and the Authorisation Holder has to abide by its decision.An exporter who holds AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Certificate under Common Accreditation Programme of C.B.I & C is eligible for an AA issued under a “self ratification scheme “.Such cases will not be referred to Norms Committee for ratification of norms. A A can be issued either to a manufacturer exporter or merchant exporter tied to supporting manufacturer(s): i) For Physical exports ii) For Intermediate supplies; and /or iii) For Deemed Exports. A A is subject to Actual User Condition. i.e. it cannot be transferred or sold. A A and/or materials imported thereunder shall not be transferable even after completion of export obligation.

A As are exempted from payment of following Duties:
  • Basic Customs Duty,

  • Additional Customs duty,

  • IGST,(available upto 31.03.2019)

  • Anti dumping duty

  • Safeguard duty, if any.

Where a Licence Holder wishes to avail exemption from IGST he has to comply with the following conditions :

  • import the inputs first and then export ( Prior Import Condition );

  • Only Physical exports allowed (Deemed Exports not eligible);

  • Export under Bond/LUT (Rebate option not available).

Export Obligation:

Import Validity : The validity for Imports is 12 months from the date of the AA.Revalidation for 6 months is available.

  • Value Addition: Minimum Value Addition is 15%.

  • How to Apply: Online Application in form ANF 4E

  • Fulfillment of Export Obligation : Authorisation holder shall file Application for redemption in ANF-4F to Regional Authority and submit the prescribed documents in support for fulfillment of EO.
    Shipping Bill;

  • Cancellation of Bond/BG at CUSTOMS : Authorisation holder shall submit a request to Customs for cancellation of Bond/BG executed with Customs along with the EODC (Export Obligation Discharge Certificate issued by DGFT).

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