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Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)

FTWZs as per law, are Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in India. Govt. of India have allowed development of FTWZ in order to create state of the art Warehousing and related infrastructure to augment economic growth, create employment opportunities and to ensure growth in exports. FTWZs are Deemed Foreign Territories / Ports / Warehouse for Storage & Other value added activities under the Customs Law. FTWZ units are allowed to hold inventory on behalf of Foreign Suppliers/ Domestic Buyers and promote cross-border and international trade with great ease. A game changer for importers, exporters and re-exporters, they help companies efficiently manage their supply chain, ensure faster turnaround by reducing custom-related formalities and increase operational efficiencies. We offer our custom clearance services to many reputed companies in the country. Having our own License to deal in Customs brokerage business, we believe in Microseconds than in days to ensure exponential increase in speed and efficiency for your business transactions. We deliver consultancy services related to various aspects of import-export, customs, excise & DGFT seamlessly.

Customs clearing company

Our highly experienced and professional team is proficient in customs law and procedures to ensure faster clearance and minimum turn-around time. Being a customs clearing company in the industry for years, we have expertise at solving Customs related problems to ensure that the client meets tight Production and Sales Schedules. With a high level of precision when completing documents for customs and authorities, we ensure a smooth process for your shipment.

Customs brokerage service

As leading Customs brokerage service providers, we understand the gravity of the “Lead Time for clearance” and hence put our best efforts to clear any given shipments at the earliest possible time. Close connections to local contact persons are the basic prerequisite for the success of our work. Knowing the language and conventions of the respective country is a huge advantage. Our team has also established good relationships with the local customs authorities and gained their trust. Offering efficient and hassle-free customs clearance services for all types of products, whether by air, sea or land.


As Alfa logistics service providers in India, we ensure safety for clients’ valuable goods at every step. All facilities for safe unloading / loading are available in the premises. The seasoned security personnel we have employed assure proper security of goods of our customers.

Our Services


Warehouse management is one of our core competencies and an integral part of the supply chain management we offer.

Customs Brokerage

We offer our custom clearance services to many reputed companies in the country.

Freight Management

Our Freight management services are designed to fit the exact requirements you have, irrespective of how large or small your shipments may be


Optimizing your transportation and distribution network can minimize transportation costs with in-depth analysis and strategic planning.

Door to Door Service

From the time we collect your Shipment to its arrival at your chosen destination, We takes care of everything for you.

Special Consultancy

Apart from our standard services, we also reach out to clients to help them for special projects and needs with our value added services and personalized consultancy.



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